Bank Art Museum Moree - Exhibition by Angelica Mesiti - August 2019

Relay League, a term for a telegraphic transmission from one receiver to the next, takes as its departure point a Morse code message transmitted by the French Navy on 31 January 1997 to signal the imminent demise of this communication method. Morse code, a system of dot and dash radio signals often utilised as a language of distress at sea, was phased out after 130 years in favour of new digital communications. Inspired by this final poetic phrase, Mesiti interprets it original dots and dashes through music, choreography, and non-verbal communication.

Venue: Bank Art Museum Moree 25 Frome St Moree
Venue Address: 25 Frome Street, Moree
Starting: 11:00 AM
Tuesday 13th August 2019
Ending: 5:00 PM
Saturday 31st August 2019
Phone Enquiries: (02) 6757 3320

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