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Australian's Great Thermal Way by Steve Lambert 4th Edition

Australian's Great Thermal Way by Steve Lambert 4th Edition
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Australia has a history of bathing in hot springs stretching back over the many thousands of years when the Aboriginal tribes roamed the Continent. Refer to 'The History of Helidon Spa" page 49.

In Australia hot springs can be located from Mataranka in the north to Peninsula Hot Springs in the south. Head east and you have Moree and due west you have the Shark Bay area. This is mentioning just a couple of the 51 identified in this book so grab a copy and enjoy the journey it will take you on.

These facilities are detailed in this book and are updated on a regular basis which enables a complete review to ensure its accuracy. There is additional information that shows how this natural resource was developed from the initial drilling of the first bore to the rehabilitation that it has gone through over the last 14 years.

This 4th Edition provides knowledge to the traveller and provides them with sufficient information to enable them to locate these facilities anywhere in Australia. It is an easy to read well laid out colour coded and numerically coded book to make life on the road easy.

I have travelled for well over 43 years and over the last 13 years i have been focused on researching this book so join me on a journey of your life time and enjoy the benefits of taking to the waters.

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